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Energy and Environmental Engineering

The Energy and Environmental engineering department (GEn) offers training opportunities for future professionals, operating in the fields of energy and environmental sciences.

The multi-skill academic program enables our students to work in various sectors including energy production and supply, energy efficiency, HVAC and building energy performance, energy consulting, process engineering, waste management, etc.

Why choose this course?

  • To develop technical and managerial skills in the environment and energy sectors
  • To have the opportunity to work as a team and to manage projects in relation to energy and the environment
  • To access diverse job openings and business sectors

An academic program based on 5 major educational components:

  • Energy – process engineering
  • Environmental sciences
  • Engineering tools
  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Industrial and research training sessions

The academic program includes practical work, running on more than 40 experimental benches, based on 5 practical learning platforms: energy, combustion engines, process engineering and environmental sciences, electrical machines, industrial regulation.

The educational program also focuses on writing and oral skills. The educational team works hard to supervise all written content produced by students (practical work, projects, internships), to help them efficiently write clear, concise and pedagogical reports.


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