How to apply


INSA Lyon offers the opportunity to integrate over 30 double-degrees options in the 3rd or 4th year of its Engineering Master’s Degree. Students completing this program earn both the INSA engineering degree and the diploma from the partner institution.

This program delivers exceptional training by incorporating the teaching approaches of both institutions. It is a valuable asset, preparing engineers for an international and multicultural context. Beyond learning another language and experiencing another culture, a double degree enhances students’ adaptability, openness and maturity – a key differentiator in a highly competitive and global professional market.
To enroll in our Double Degree program, please ensure the following criteria are met:

• A double-degree agreement must exist between your home institution and INSA Lyon
• Your home institution must validate and confirm your project
• Your application needs to be accepted by one of INSA Lyon’s Departments
• Language requirement: B1 level in French is strongly recommended. Otherwise, students should attend the French Summer School to achieve the B1 level.

For more information on admission, housing, catering, and the summer school, visit: